Our Tour

They say, faith and belief can take you a long way. How you travel this course is irrelevant. These four enterprising individuals who inspite of their disabilities, are keen that members like them in the society are given equal opportunity when it comes to travelling and tourism. Above all, to see India, our beautiful country, as a barrier-free tourist destination for all.

The very basic factors that we able individuals take for granted are what, for the disabled people, makes venturing out to any place such a long-drawn out thought process.

  • Inaccessibilty in transportation
  • Lack of facilities in public accomodation facilities
  • Lack of access to tourist sites in general
  • Make a quick assessment of these factors from the perspective of PWDs (People with Disabilities) and you will realize that the current status for tourism for PWDs is absolutely negligent.
    So the dream to travel across India in 80 days took off on 28th Sept, 2011 and has a plan to follow it up until they see India becomes 'Barrier Free'

    The Tour covers travelling across India and 40 cities covering approx 16000 kms in 80 days, for hands on experience and assessment of accessibility across the entire country.

    The tour includes visits to atleast 2 tourist destinations in each state to conduct an accessibility survey. To do so in collaboration with a local NGO working in the disability sector and State Tourism Dept.

    They will meet Chief Minister and Disability Commissioner of every state and brief them about 'barrier free tourism', a must on their priority agenda.

    The Tour will finally then submit the Access Survey Report and other observations to the State Tourism Board, Chief Minister, Disability Commissioner and Indian Tourism Department Corporation (ITDC)

    The Tour will encourage and implement 'Access 4 All' model of car rental service for PWDs.


Four Adventurers

A journey on road of hope and perseverance in 80 days