Welcome to Beyond Barriers
The Incredible India Tour

The heart has a mind of its own, Set your heart on something and see the powers beyond
the known make it come true for you.
They share a simple dream, to explore the country they belong in 80 days.

Our Four Adventurers

  • Arvind Prabhoo
    Executive Trustee - VMRCD Trust, and Proprietor Orbit Television Network
  • Nishant Khade
    Director of DAS Offshore and Trustee of VMRCD Trust
  • Sunita Sancheti,
    Activitist working with NGO in the disability sector past 13 years and Works on Individual taxation with a CA Firm
  • Neenu Kewlani
    Activist with NGO in disability sector past 13 years, Currently with family business

Journey on Road

Four Adventurers

A journey on road of hope and perseverance in 80 days